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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Last Poem A Day for Day 30 - April is over!

This is a picture of a Newfoundland dog. I tried to find one that looks a
lot like my dog used to look. My poem is about my dog who passed
away when he was twelve and a half from Lyme's disease. We missed
him so much we could never replace him.

I wanted to finish off the posting of my poems last night, but had too much to do with writing the last poem and posting it to the website. But here it is now.

The prompt for the day was write a poem about Farewells. It makes sense when it's the last poem. A lot of people who posted wrote about saying goodbye to the whole writing a poem a day experience. But for me it had another meaning. Here is my poem:

For Flash – my long gone Newfoundland

Born in a snowstorm you loved the snow
Your bear like body bounding through it
like water – the white sticking to your fur

Glossy black with a white diamond on the front
of your chest, you were my protector and my
friend. I have missed your enormous rough
pink tongue raking my face and the softness
of your fur in my hands. Your relentless pursuit
of food. You in your puppy days ate all of the
Entenman’s cinnamon buns without destroying
the box. Chewing on my favorite red shoe with your
puppy teeth back in Kew Gardens when you were
my only baby. The day you escaped from the
backyard through the alley door – secret as a
spy – the super found you out on the sidewalk
unsure why you were even there and brought
you back. Your posture penitent and
affectionate. Your tail wagging in excitement
when seeing me.

But I will always remember you as the cushion
for my babies as they rested against you
bottle in hand and you allowed them, Your noble
head flush to the floor as you became their pillow. –
ever playing the nanny as you nosed them out of
danger and watched over them as if they were
your own. The growl you’d utter when you sensed
danger and the way you placed your body between
anyone who you felt was an enemy – our security guard.

We cried as we petted your fur for the last time
Knowing this would be the final moment and I
was not ready to bear the emptiness.
copyright 2009 by Barbara Ehrentreu
I mentioned in a comment that writing a poem a day made me feel very calm. I'm going to try to write at least one poem a week. It really keeps me sane in this crazy life that I lead.:)

Yesterday was Poem in Your Pocket day and I celebrated by slipping one of the poems that I didn't post here or on the Poetic Asides with Robert Brewer website into my husband's pants pocket when he wasn't looking - They weren't on him.:) So today when he got home he said that he read the poem and he agreed with me. It's so much easier communicating by poetry.:) Did any of you observe this? Let me know if you did and what you did.

Okay, I have some good news. First of all, the Women's Blogger Directory of which I am a member, has been nominated for a Blogger Award. I have the widget here. Please click on it and vote for us. This group was put together by Alana, who got all of us networked. We are all women who blog all over the world and any woman who has a blog can join us. We met through Facebook Networked Blogs and the group has been growing ever since.

Also, on this group we give awards too. I have been nominated for Featured Blog for this month. There are only five of us and I am honored to be in this group.:) More later, but for now just keep your fingers crossed for me. All of the others are my friends.:) They have fantastic blogs with gorgeous pictures and I don't think I have much of a chance, but just being nominated is great!

I know I said I would highlight a blog this week, but it's going to have to wait until next week. I will highlight some lucky person's blog on Monday for sure. I pinky swear! By the way does anyone else pinky swear? My husband and I started doing that even before we were married and now it's a family thing! What you do is you link pinkies and promise to do whatever you said you would do. Then if it has to be done. It's the rule.:)

Though I spend a lot of time on Facebook, I've been friended by many people who blog on Blog Catalog. Some of us are on both. So one of these people Adriana of Finance Globe invited me to be a guest author on her blog. But she only writes about financial things. So I wrote about my experiences with identity fraud. I would love for you to read it, because it might help you to avoid it. Also read her post which started the whole discussion and how my post wound up on her blog.

I discovered a couple of great food blogs that are loaded with how to pictures and amazing recipes. One is called: girlichef by Heather, a member of the Women's Blogger Directory and the other one is done by cookbook author, Gloria Chadwick for Tex-Mex food called Foods and Flavors of San Antonio . So I was on Heather's blog and saw a recipe for blueberry scones with lemon glaze from Tyler Florence's cookbook and it linked me to a great website called Tyler Florence Fridays where people post pictures by Friday of Tyler Florence dishes they made. I'm in love with his food, so I have a new blog to follow.

Until the next time enjoy your weekend. Thank you to my new readers. Also thank you to the people who sent me those great comments about my poems. It made me smile all over!!


  1. Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and found some things you really enjoy :) This was a beautiful poem; I could feel it in my soul (as I'm sure any pet owner would)... You are so cool for blogging about me and Gloria and I thank you so much for doing it! You are entered in the contest so don't forget to keep coming come out at the end of the month :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for the mention! :)

    Just FYI: I don't publish comments with links in them, but I really appreciate the information. I'll check out the women's blogger directory.

  3. Loved your poem. What a beautiful pet.

  4. Heather, I really loved your blog and I like to let people know about the cool places I find.:)

    Thank you for visiting and I look forward to visiting yours again to see what you are making. As I said, I'm not so tuned into chiles, but I do like Mexican food.:)

    Also, thank you for your comment on my poem. It means a lot to me!

  5. Hi Gloria,
    I understand your policy and will remember when I visit next time. I think you might like this group.

    You're welcome! I love to cook and love cookbooks.:)

  6. Kimberly, thank you for visiting. I'm glad you liked my poem. If I can ever remember to do it, I will try to post some pictures of the real Flash. Newfies are the best pets and i miss him terribly.

  7. Poems are awesome. I find that I do way more soul searching when I write poetry as opposed to just writing about how annoying my kids are. Great stuff!

  8. Thanks Out-Numbered!! I'm so glad you visited! I'm going to miss April, but with so many people liking my poems I might try to get some of them published somewhere else.:) Check my blog to see about a possible publishing opportunity - it hinges on a lot of things.:)

  9. I used to pinky swear when I was a little kid, but not so much nowadays. Congratulations on your nomination - your blog is really good!

  10., Thank you for the praise! I am nominated as part of a network. We are the Women's Blogger Directory and it was started by Alana. You can see the button on the side. It's a great group of women bloggers who have networked to support each other. Go check out a few more of us.:)

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  12. What a wonderful dog! I'm amazed when I hear stories of dogs that protect their family members. Heart warming to be sure and that loss was all too familiar.

    I felt that one, Barbara. Thank you for sharing!

  13. writesprite,
    Thanks for visiting! I don't think I will ever get over him. We couldn't even buy another dog. It was like losing a family member. How can you replace that?


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